Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Girl With The Arms Made From Marrows

We're delighted to announce details of our Edinburgh show.

Once again we'll be at the Edinburgh Free Festival this summer, where we'll be premiering songs from our next album, The Girl With The Arms Made From Marrows.

We had a brilliant time and had a fantastic audience at last year's Edinburgh Fringe. This year we're in a bigger space, Maggie's Chamber at The Three Sisters on Cowgate. We'll be on every day at 5pm from 5-17 August.

And Dan will be performing his solo show, Dan Woods's Oral History, in the same venue from 19-29 August. He will be singing yet more daft songs, with an improbable ambition that future generations will tell his stories around campfires.

Last year the critics thought Pig With The Face Of A Boy were "the new rock'n'roll" and reckoned "a better hour of shiny comic songs may be hard to find". So come and see us, and point your friends our way!

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